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Merge is a professional organization committed to making a difference in the world of telecommunication infra structure.

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Introduction About Us

The organization is set up by professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in industry and structural design. We offer services of design, manufacture, installation & training for all parties involved.
We have created customized modules for the offered products in professional way for the challenges and expectations of all our clients. Our modules are so designed as to reduce the induction cost, reduce time of installation and facilitate the maintenance procedures.
Merge bets on its qualified staff to provide an enriching methodologies & techniques to enable the clients to fast move up the growth curve.


•Established in 2009.
•Head quarter in Cairo – 6 October City.
•Workshop facility over 6000sqm in 10th Ramadan City (under construction)
•Representing agencies in KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain & Sudan.
•Specialized in designing, manufacturing & supplying all telecommunication infra structures.
•Quality products and professional services.

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Our Specialties

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•Merge provides wide range of products that compete with international companies.
•Merge though exceed mentioned entities in the fact that it localize and customize the solution to suit the region where the products to be installed.

Our Mission

To offer integrated, best quality products enabling us to become the first choice in telecommunication and to be a reliable partner in our sphere of work through valued, compelling relationships with our clients locally & internationally.

Our vision

•To grow beyond its horizon of goals and innovate continuously, in order to become a hallmark of a dynamic organization, responding to its clients needs.

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Our Team

•Merge Manpower has put together a dedicated and growing team of skilled personnel, trained in Design & Manufacturing of telecommunication structures industry.
•Merge Manpower team members have a significant experience in a variety of related market sectors. Each one is a specialist rather than a generalist in their given field, giving you instant access to years of knowledge in recruitment issues for your specific needs.

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